Public Art

Benja Harney and Kareena Zerefos

Inspired by the falcon eyrie (nest) on the edge of level 33, our collaboration with two of Australia’s premier visual artists creates an engaging identity for 367 Collins Street.

Passionate about paper, Benja Harney is a self- taught paper engineer based in Sydney who has collaborated with Hermès and Google. He crafted an exquisite feathered texture from paper.

Kareena Zerefos’ delicate and detailed illustration style captures the strength and elegance of falcons in flight. The Sydney-born artist is known for razor-sharp drawings that explore human and animal companionship.

Public Art

Brooke Holm

367 Collins is home to four large scale artworks in the lobby by Brooke Holm, an Australian-American photographer based in New York whose work traverses dramatic landscapes, conceptual still life, considered interiors and architecture.

Brooke Holm Public Art


Talented French street artist JAW created magic within the 367 Collins Street building. Incorporating iconic imagery with bold colour abstraction and hyperrealism JAW paints a collaged landscape that any Melbournian can relate to- from Flinders Street Station to the iron lace on Victorian houses and bike lanes with bicycles.

Stretched along 40 metres of the newly refurbished building, JAW’s impeccable creativity shines through, as his clever choice of colour and attention to detail bridge the lines between street art and fine art. Never failing to capture a nostalgic feeling and the character of this city.

JAW Public Art

JAW public art